North Korea Announces Negative Stance on ‘Holding Kaesong’ in 6.15 Joint Event

6.15 The North Korean government has made a negative stance on the proposal by the South Korean committee to host the 6.15 joint event at ‘Kaesong’, and it has been confirmed on the 5th that private organizations such as the Korean people’s mutual aid campaign have been postponed.

Lee Seung-hwan, a joint delegation of the South Korean Committee for the June 15 Joint Declaration (June 15), confirmed that “it was difficult to hold individuality.”

6.15 The South Korean Committee has proposed to hold a 6.15 joint event in Kaesong immediately after the government received the application for contact with North Korean residents on March 31.

6.15 An official from the South Korean committee said, “Once North Korea has expressed its negative stance on holding the 6.15 joint event in Gaeseong,” the 6.15 joint event itself will continue to be pursued even if difficulties are anticipated and the North is preparing to hold Pyongyang I left the room.

Kang Young-sik, secretary-general of the Korea People’s Movement for Helping the Korean Nation, confirmed that he “canceled the support of malaria control materials scheduled this week and the visit to the delegation on the 10th.”

The Korean people’s movement to help each other was reported to have received the application for contact with the North Korean residents on the 26th of last month, and carried out the removal of malaria control materials and the visit of the joint delegation.
“We have received news from the North that we should not be here this time, and now it is embarrassing,” said Park Chang-il, the chairman of the Peace and 3,000 steering committee, who is in the process of visiting the delegation. “I think it is because the government put the position on the UN Security Council. It will take a little more time. ”

An official from a private organization said, “We seem to be dissatisfied with the fact that the Korean government is actively responding to the UN sanctions against North Korea.” In this situation, it was impossible to make any kind of exchange, said.

“The Korean government supports the unanimous adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 2356 on June 3 in response to the continued ballistic missile launch by North Korea,” the South Korean government said in a statement issued on March 3, It is evaluated once again the determination of the international society’s willingness, “he said.

An official from the Ministry of Unification said, “Nothing has been confirmed yet.”

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