The enemy Kim Jong Eun

He took a picture with the attendees of the 8th Korea Contest.

Kim Jong Eun, the Chairman of the Labor Party of the DPRK, Chairman of the State Council of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and the Supreme Commander of the Korean People ‘s Army, took a commemorative photo with the participants of the eighth meeting of the Korean Chosun Dynasty.

WPK Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee and the Democratic People’s Republic of China State Council Vice Chairman and Central Committee vice chairman of choeryong’s comrades and party WPK Central Committee Director Li part comrade, Kim IlseongKim Jeongil attention Youth League in the Central Committee first secretary dedicated southeast magazine here. Respectively.

In the background of the glorious meeting place where the eighth enemy of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea was held in honor of the dear enemy, there was a great excitement in the scene of the great enthusiasm and joy of the participants who made a meaningful memorial picture desiring the dream.

That reverence un enemy’s God -party attend filming all participants are great for nimdeul generalissimo the Lord and naesewo by all means and define the merging of the precious treasure that can not be comparable to gold and silver treasures of eokmangeum our student boy, hope and the future world all giving embraced the happiness of reverence for the enemy’s looking up teochyeo raised cheers of “Hurray!” like a storm.

Dearest enemy, The boys ‘representatives put up a bouquet of fragrant and attached a red tie with the heart of the students’ boys all over the country.

My dearest enemy, the 8th meeting of the Korean Chosun Dynasty said that it would be an important occasion to strengthen and develop the Chosun Dynasty forever by its name Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il Boy Scouts, while maintaining the tradition of the anti-Japanese children’s group, Baekdu’s bloodline, He has enthusiastically congratulated the participants of the contest who showed off the majesty of the 3 million boys who are firmly preparing for the reliable replacement of construction and true alliances of the youth alliance.

To reverence the enemy’s He contestants are our revolution and independent boy caused a new revolutionary transition from Boy Scouts project to meet the needs of sports development take ryongma of jideokche the Young Pioneer Corps going to always be prepared for the socialist Korea ‘s Mount Baekdu powers to the ranks of the future hero He took a memorial picture with them expressing his expectation and conviction that he would make a strong effort.

After the ceremony was over, he looked up at the enemy who was reverting again.

In the midst of his busy schedule to lead the construction of a socialist powerhouse, he organized the 8th Chosun Dynasty’s Eighth Conference, and attended the congress in person. He gave me a kind of guidance in the outpouring of the voluntary youth movement. Today, The daring father who took a picture overflowed with gratitude and gratitude to the enemy of the enemy, and the participants shed tears of thrill and shed.

Full Participants me increasingly touches added to reverence the enemy’s cherished and glorious ever HS with great love and faith Kim Ilseong , Kim Jong Il of the Boy Scouts waving the red quirky grow eoksege as the heir of the Revolution, gidunggam continue carrying floating rigid Korea’s future He made a firm oath.

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