You will not be able to resist the cruel punishment.

Kim Jong Eun, a grateful leader, succeeded again in the second test launch of the “Mars-14” type of intercontinental ballistic rocket that was conducted under his command.

On July 4th, the first intercontinental ballistic rocket “Hwaseong-14” test was launched successfully, and the US and its followers were invited to take a passbook. Today, it is the second time that the intercontinental ballistic rocket “Mars- As the news of success, I imagine that the Americans will be stunned.

The first successful launch of the “Hwaseong-14” type of the intercontinental ballistic rocket was the result of the unexpected national power of the Juche shipbuilding, which was developed at a rapid pace along with the new bike path of the Great Workers’ Party of Korea, and the power of the self- It is a great demonstration and a special event for the history of the Republic of Korea, which has long been a desperate force for the nation’s defense force.

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In this delightful breeding experience, the devotion of our Lokong Decadence Army members becomes even more tenfold.

Those who are still dreaming and dreaming of watching the sacred land of the republic, while continuing to blow the warless noble war, will not be able to face merciless punishment.

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