“We will make ‘network hub’ that is gathered talent for policy development.

Kim Min-seok, newly appointed minister of the Ministry of Education, said

The Liberal Democratic Party of Liberal Democratic Liberal Party of Korea announced this ambition by establishing the “Yeouido Research Institute (currently Yeouido Researcher, Yeon Yeon)”, a policy research institute attached to the party in February 1995. She is the first think tank in Korean political history, and it benchmarked the think tank ‘Heritage Foundation’, which was founded in 1973 and represents American conservatism. As of last year, there were 78 researchers in the pavilion, which was originally composed of 13 students.

In addition, the roots of the Democratic Party’s think tank “Democracy Researcher (Roh)” are the Uri Party’s “Open Policy Research Institute”, which was born in November 2004, The Uri Party rushed to form a think tank as the party ‘s policy institute operation became legalized in March of the same year. In August 2008, the Democratic Party formed a new think tank called ‘Democratic Policy Researcher’ with the intention of ‘carrying out policy research activities that are stronger than the past as opposition parties’. In November last year, the “Democracy Research Institute” changed its sign to Dahn, which is currently being made up of 75 researchers.

Activity ‘half polls’ … Pointed out budget waste

The chairperson of each think tank shall serve as the representative of the party. Therefore, from August 2016, the Democratic Party of Korea, the Democratic Party, and the Democratic Party of Korea have been elected as the chairman of the party since July. For this reason, the think tank has always been subordinated to the Party leadership, and it has been worried that it might fall to the party organization. There have been large and small noises as a result of the appointment of a member of the leadership of the party including the party leader.

The core task of political think tanks is policy development and research. However, unlike the purpose of the establishment, political think tanks have been evaluated more as a result of the survey than the policy research. In fact, half of the research conducted by the two last year was a survey. Because of this, they have been pointed out over the past few years that “the budget for sink tanks is in bad use.”

In addition, each party’s think tanks are the organizations that spend the largest amount of budget each year in the party. In March 2004, when the revised bill was amended, the political funding law, which mandates 30% of party government subsidies to be allocated to think tanks in the party, has been revised, and a huge budget of 10 billion won each year has been put into each party ‘s think tank.

In an interview with Sisa Journal, Kim Min-suk, director of the Korea Institute for National Unification, Kim Min-seok, and Kim Dae-sik, director of the Yeouido research institute, who took office as new directors in May and July respectively, expressed common intention to supplement the problems that have been steadily pointed out to think tanks and to engage in policy research. After their inauguration, President Kim Dae-shik visits the researchers and promises active cooperation for policy development. Both directors emphasized that they will make a think tank a ‘network hub’ where the talents needed for policy development are gathered within a two-year term.

On July 18, Kim Min-suk, the head of the Democratic Party's Democratic Research Institute, is interviewing in his office in Yeouido.  © Sisa Journal Park Eun Sook

Kim Min-seok “I will prepare for the re-election of the presidential election”

On May 15, about a week after the victory of the presidential election, the Democratic Party appointed Kim Min-seok as the new chief of the Democratic Research Institute. In 1996, Kim Jong Il, who had been in the 15th National Assembly since he was 32 years old and has been re-elected, served as deputy general manager of the Democratic Party’s Elections Committee. At that time, the Democratic Party leader had suffered labor in the process of appointing him. The Sisa Journal interviewed Kim on July 18 and a telephone interview on August 17, followed by Kim Jong Il ‘

I think it is promoting the publication of the ‘DaeSun White Paper’ covering the process of winning the presidential election.

I am thinking about publishing from the end of August to the beginning of September because it is delayed somewhat than originally planned. Because this election is more systematic than ever, we are making it a good reference book in the next five years. Also, because this election was ultimately a victory by the people, they will be enriched with the materials they submitted. It is also the first e-book ever made by a political party, so anyone can see it conveniently.

The activities of the National Planning and Advisory Committee ended on July 15. How do you plan to carry out the 100 major national issues presented here?

As a governing ruling party, each city, province, and research institute are jointly promoting a ‘tour of the national task areas’ for a month to spread public sympathy for this national task. Those who participated in the planning of the National Plan will also be invited as speakers. In addition, we will select some items that require further research among the national issues and carry out further research.

At the time of appointment of the head of the Daejeon situation and the head of the Democracy Research Institute, there was a noise in the party due to the fact that he was an aide to Chae. It is also called ‘man of conscience’ and how do you accept it?

Representative Chu started the 15th National Assembly. History is long but this is the first time I work together. In the meantime, it was not close.

We are constantly receiving policy proposals from the public. How do you plan to reflect?

The new government ‘Gwanghwamun 1st Avenue’ and ‘Moon Jae-in 1st Street’ did not hit. There were many policies that were much better than what scholars envisioned. These systems must be deeply involved in political parties. I have been receiving policy suggestions from a long time ago, but feedback has not been done well. Whether it is Yeouido 1st or Democratic 1st, we plan to soon build a party organization that will gather suggestions.

What kind of presence do you want the civil service to be in your political life during your term?

I want to make sure that it is the place where we do what we do to contribute to the national government. I would like to instill in my view the perception that the people are showing the government’s position in the ruling coalition and that it is a place that constantly throws new awareness of problems.

The next step is the head of the ministry.

I will try to come to the political stage anyway because I am back in politics. No matter when, I hope to get into the Garden at the right time. However, it seems that it is appropriate to return from the choice of the people again because we have rested politics for a long time.

On August 11, Kim Dae Sik interviewed with the Sisa Journal at the Yeouido Research Institute on the 4th floor of the Yeouido Free Korean Market.  © Sisa Journal Ko Seong-joon

Kim Dae-sik “I will find a way to catch the young generation”

On July 17, the Yeouido Researcher (Yeonyeon) appointed Professor Kim Dae-sik of Dongseo University as the new director. Kim has been a vice chairman of the National People ‘s Rights Committee during the Lee Myung – bak administration, and in the last presidential election, he acted as the acting leader of Hong Joon – pyo. On August 11, I met Kim Jang-jae, who came back from Europe just after the ceremony.

At the time of appointment, there was opposition within the Party, which is called an aide of Hong Jun-pyo.

There was less opposition than the previous forecast. It seems that it was the first time in the past that weak opposition was weak when we appointed the chief director.

I felt the feeling of public sentiment in helping Hong representative during the presidential election.

I felt the right of the conservative right and the people who turned to the free Korean government. I think that restoring this is the top priority of the march. I will surely find a way to catch the hearts of the younger generations, who think that conservatives are ‘hell’ and progress is unconditionally good.

Hong has a long relationship with the representative. If you rate him.

In the last presidential election, candidate Hong Joon-pyo actually played one-man shows. The whole system of the party did not work well. The athlete had a mindset, but the coach and coach got into defeatism early. Nevertheless, he lives up to the political power of Hong, who has made quite a good fight. I have three mentors. Education was taught by former deputy chairman Jang Seong-man who died, former president Lee Myung-bak, and politician Hong Jun-pyo. Hong is a person with political visions.

How did you evaluate the last 100 days of the government?

I just finished the cabinet composition and I have to wait. It is not too late to evaluate at the end of the year. But I would like to say that Mr. Moon ‘s greetings were excessive’ unbalanced greetings’. In addition, financial measures are also likely to take the form of scratching credit cards hard without thinking about future card values.

If you want to mention the lack of past ties.

There was a lack of ‘communication’ with members of parliament. During his tenure as a director, he is now one of 107 members of the free Korean National Party who will actively support each other’s activities. ‘Work hard enough to eat the dishes. I will help them with the idea that we will be responsible for breaking the bowl. ”

What is the main task of the meeting and the future goal?

Our repairs are hurting these days. But I do not know where it hurts and I keep making the wrong prescription. It is time for the accurate diagnosis and prescription of the doctor. I will have to do that role in the future. My goal in the term is to build a huge “Think-net” by gathering talented people from each field. We will appoint 300 policy advisor members and give them to each member of the standing committee. Other party lawmakers will be willing to open the door to take advantage of our sinknets if they need help.

Kim Min-seok In addition, the head of the Democratic Research Center for Democratic Change (right) visits the Yeouido Researcher at the Free Korea-Japan Forum in Seoul on Aug. 9 and takes a commemorative photo with Dae-seik Kim.  © Photo = Yonhap News

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