US accuses China, North Korea and Russia of modernizing nuclear arsenal

The United States denounced on Tuesday that China, North Korea and Russia have increased and modernized their nuclear arsenals in recent years, a policy that threatens world security.

“Russia, China and North Korea have modernized their existing nuclear forces, increased the relevance of nuclear weapons in their security strategies, and in some cases pursue the development of other nuclear capabilities that threaten several peaceful nations,” said the US ambassador. before the UN Disarmament Conference, Robert Wood.

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During his address to the plenary of the Disarmament Conference, Wood stressed that as a result of these rearmament policies, “the security context in the world is more dynamic, complex, demanding and threatening than any other since World War II.”

“This context is characterized by great powers and dishonest states that are challenging the world order,” added Wood.

The ambassador insisted that in the period these countries rearm, Washington did not, which has now made these nations a real threat to the United States.

“They are violating borders and increasing the ability to threaten the United States and its allies,” he said.

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Wood stressed that Russia has not only increased its nuclear arsenals but also non-strategic nuclear systems, which has created a “disparity” in this area between Washington and Moscow, something that in the eyes of the Trump Administration is “worrisome.”

In addition, he criticized the “unknown” intentions of the modernization and increase of Chinese nuclear forces.

Nonetheless, Wood said the United States “does not want to see China and Russia as opponents, and wants to have stable relations with both.”

A conciliatory stance that he did not adopt with North Korea, a country he accused not only of having explicitly threatened the United States, but of being only “months” from having the ability to attack the United States with a nuclear ballistic missile.

Faced with this threat, Wood reaffirmed the current American doctrine, which was taken up in the recent Nuclear Posture Review (NPR), which reaffirms the total, irreversible elimination of North Korea’s nuclear program.

At the same time, according to the ambassador, this environment justifies the one gathered in the NPR that the American nuclear capability must be strengthened to be used with dissuasive effect.

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Wood insisted that the primary idea of ​​the United States is not to use the nuclear arsenal, and that the purpose is for the deterrent effect to work, but made it clear that Washington never denied that it could “strike first” if necessary.

“The policy of the United States remains to maintain the ambiguity with regard to the precise circumstances that may lead to a nuclear response from the United States.”

That is why it confirmed that “after many years of delays and, in many cases of practical abandonment, we will modernize our old nuclear infrastructure and command and control systems to bring them to the 21st century level.”

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